Arts & Craft

A place where student learn to enhance their fine arts talent.


A reasonably Priced light refreshment place.


Our ICT lab has 25 computers, wall screen and Printers with 24hrs WI-FI facility.


Facility to play Volley ball, Cricket or Athletics like javeline, shot put, long jump, sprint etc.

Music Room

A place to learn harmonium, guitar, keyboard Music and Percussion Instrument like Mandar and Tabla.

Psychology Lab

A Separate lab where student learn to map the perception and intelligence level of children and grown-ups.

Science Lab

A well Reequipped Science lab Separately for physics, Chemistry and Biology is available.

Smart Class Room

Class with a smart board where students learn to handle the board.

Mathematics Lab

A Separate Lab where student learn to use mathematical charts and models.

Geography lab

A lab to make student visualise the earth and its Continents.


Max has a comprehensive library with more than seven thousand books and automation via DEL.NET. Apart From syllabus books, the library has encyclopaedias reference books and Literature, educational journals and magazines & news papers are also available with a seating capacity of more than 50 people.


A room where an instructor teaches the students the value of Yoga and gives them an opportunity to practice as intensly as they want. The room contains indoor games like table tennis, carrom, chess & Ludo with ring and Frisby