Principal's Message

In the present times, education is very important. Building a civilized society is possible only through education. Without this, human life cannot blossom and flourish completely, education is very important for the all-round development of the child. Through this, the unwanted behaviour of the child decreases and the desired behaviour increases.

School is considered a miniature form of society. It is only through education that a person can become an ideal citizen. The present education system is also contributing a lot in building a civilized society. Educational institutions are helping a lot in the progress of the nation. These educational institutions have a great role in protecting Indian civilization and culture. Every child is taking education according to his interest. All Indians have a contribution in protecting united India. Having said –

"Mother's birthplace, my beloved." Mother and motherland are greater than heaven. Today there is a need to give such education to children, which can lead to their all-round development. The teachers providing education should be those who understand the needs of the children.

Thus, it can be said that progress of the nation is possible only through the progress of education, the vision of a developed nation can be realized only through education. Every human being needs to perform his duty properly.

Dr. Anand Kishore

Max Institute of Teachers Training,
Bijulia Ramgarh Pin Code-829122